# You are not a special snowflake

In today’s society, why do so many people seem to have the entitled attitude were they feel like they can say or do anything to you with no repercussions, or no accountability for their actions they act like you have to deal with their crap.   It’s like you don’t have a choice or a say so, in the matter, everyone else let them get away with it, so you suppose to fall in line like everyone else does. People today are as crazy as cat shit, they will lie cheat and steal from you, will try to manipulate you, then expect you to support them when they need it, then act like nothing ever happened.

They  Carrie it like you are obligated to them and you should be there  at their beckon call for their every whim,( smh ) people are funny as hell when it comes to you and your problems  they have no time for you they’ll  get to you when they feel like getting to you, but let them have  some type of crisis and it’s helped me, sound the alarm, all hands on deck, call in the National Guard,  you have to stop everything that you are doing to help them.   Why is people mindset so one-sided now days It’s all about them,  when you’re in any relationship it suppose to be a give and take on both side, not just one way and if you are in one of those situations you might want to rethink your relationship what ever type of  relationship you’re in family, friends, couples, co-workers it’s shouldn’t matter as long as it is a mutual respect and understanding theirs no such thing as 50/50 in a relationship one person will always do more than the other person but the percentage shouldn’t be 90/3  neither, well not in a healthy relationship .

Why are some people mindset so one-sided nowadays it’s all about them they don’t give a damn about your feeling or your well-being it’s all about what you can do for them and what they can get from you.   Sometimes in life, we go along to get along not trying to cause friction, doing this all the time will have people walking all over you like a welcome mat.

It’s a New year and for some a new beginning, and to those one-sided people, that for some strange reason think you have to deal with their crap I have a message for you.

Sometimes when you are dealing with people foolishness you have to do what I do look them straight in their eyes and tell them they didn’t break the mold when you were born no one is going to throw rose petals at your feet man, you are not  the Crown Prince of  Zamunda Akeem and I’m dam sure not Semmi , You are not a Special Snowflake  so stop thinking that you are.(smh bless your heart)

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