Time to be the hero

Who will protect me?

As men, we are taught to be a provider and protectors and putting the needs of others before our own, and make sure that everyone else is good putting our problems aside.

Taking on all worries and burdens shielding our loved ones from any type of harm that may come their way. Most men were taught not to express their feeling because that would be considered a sign of weakness so we hide our emotions deep within.

Too many have followed this blueprint and found out later that wasn’t a good idea (physically or mentally ) bottling everything up and not dealing with your emotions is not healthy and eventually in the long run if you don’t handle whatever problems that’s been bothering you the situation will handle you.

Far too often we will put our needs on the back burner to defend someone else honor but while I’m on the front line protecting you my fortresses is it being invaded by society my own problems and the injustices of the world so the real question Is with all of this going on who will protect me in my time of need.

As a man, you do suppose to protect and provide for your loved ones but you also have an obligation to yourself and you’re own well-being you are no good to anyone else if you’re not at your best physical and mental it time to take your health seriously.

So the answer to the question is it’s your job to protect yourself no one will love or care for you better than you now is the time to be the hero and save the day be the best version of yourself.

You can’t be the guiding light for everyone else if you’re mind body and soul is running on empty learn how to take care of your needs first before you spread the wealth to others.

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#goodadvice #inspirational #motivation #positive #positivevibes #goomorning #morninginspirationwithmatty #realtalkwithmatty #instagood #quotesoftheday #life #lifecoach #selfimprovement #like #follow #fridayvibes #tgif #happy #weekend #thought process

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