Mental Imagery

When it comes to racism it’s easy to judge someone unfairly when you come from a place of privilege and you see things only one way and it’s easy to come up with your own accounts about certain people when you’re painting the narrative and the one’s narrating the story everything is seen through your eyes

It sounds cliche to say racial equality and justice for all when it’s not true and most of us know that’s a lie racism is alive kicking and still exist to this day no matter how many catchy slogans you come up with like the NFL end racism it never seems to go away

Even the companies that so-called themselves joining the fight to end racism show that they are speaking rhetoric one way for the public but behind closed doors still displaying Good Ol Boy tactics

There is no racial equality when it comes to permitting Black ownership into the NFL or the hiring of general managers and Blackhead coaches I guess when the owners donated their money it’s not for ending racism but more for a tax write-off

As of today out of the 32 NFL teams, there are only one minority owner and only four minority head coaches where is your diversity and yet you have the slogan end racism on the back of the player’s helmets while you’re still actively practicing discrimination against minorities it  looks like you’re not trying to end it but more like keeping the vicious cycle going on

The 30 White billionaire NFL owners are prime examples of how too many white Americans think today you’re not going to tell me what to do this is my country and when it comes to minorities the playing field will never be fair or level

And let’s be honest when it comes to racial Injustice white privilege too many people are quite comfortable with America just the way it is you can’t change the mindset of people unless you can reach their hearts and for some people trying to appeal to their humanity that’s easier said than done

We all built this country together with a lot of pain blood sweat and a whole lot of tears but only a few benefited and generated wealth from the work of so many minorities that did not reap the rewards

As I said before when you’re the one that writing the story you can narrator it how you see fit add and omit whatever you like you can even make yourself the hero who wears the white hat when your actions suggest you’re more like a villain but you have the copyrights so you can rewrite history as you please

How to end racism American you first have to acknowledge your part past and present to start working on the problem and talk it out not the parts that make you comfortable talk about the whole situation then get rid of all the mind tactics and false mental imagery that has been displayed for decades to steal dreams and bury hope

When it comes to minorities why is the mental imagery from media always painting a bad picture but if it’s white it’s all right everything black is not bad until the media gets a hold of it

Phrases like black cats are evil and bad luck but it’s okay to tell a little white lie the good guys wear white and the bad guys wear black and when I’m extorting money from you that means I’m blackmailing you this is not done by mistake is done by design and who controls the narrative the media

This type of mental imagery has been going on since the days of the original movie Birth of a Nation directed by D.W Griffin in 1915  that type of thinking has shaped a lot of minds and we see the end results of that warp thought process today black is evil and white is good instead of judging people not by their colors but as individuals and by their own merits

Blacks make up 12.4% of the population in America compared to roughly 57.8% for white Americans and18.7% for Latinos and Hispanic descent that puts Black people in third place behind the white race and the Latino Hispanic race but if you listen to any police scanner across the United States when they are described as suspect by #1 when referring to a black person

How can you end racism when it comes to minorities we are last in education and health the last in the boardroom and the last to be an NFL owner but somehow we remain number one on your local police scanners is that an oversight or racially motivated and design

This type of mentality goes far beyond sports and entertainment it trickles down to every level of government to corporations and it affects on minorities every day and in every single way from the policies that the government makes to the discrimination of company when it comes to the hiring of minorities to the illegal searches unjust arrest and the brutality of the police

Imagery means a lot and If you turn on your tv to your local station how many black men will you see on the news today suspected of doing a crime but if you watch that same tv later on in the evening how many strong black heterosexual men will you see staring in their own show

We come in all shapes and sizes come from different backgrounds different points of views and we all should be represented equally

There was a time that many believe a black man wasn’t equipped to be a quarterback or lead an NFL team to victory that meth has been dismissed a long time ago and we have gotten past that hurdle now the goalposts have been moved again

Now it seems to be hard to hire black head coaches because (what they are not qualified) the only change that some people see is in the years on the calendar but they still have a birth of a nation mentality

How can a black kid think of being prosperous in life when most of the imagery that they see is white how can you imagine being an NFL owner one day when you don’t see an owner that looks like you

How can a black child fulfill his dream of one-day being a WWE/WWF  heavyweight champion only to get discouraged and realize that may be hard because in their 70 years of history in the business there have only been seven black heavyweight champion 

Nobody thinks they are racist many go to great lengths to try and justify that they are not but who you are and eventually it comes out there are some still under the assumption that racism just doesn’t exist but the data shows otherwise

You can speak ad nauseam of so many minorities being killed senselessly for minor incidents cigarettes jumping the turnstile toy guns but somehow Dylan Storm Roof a known white supremacist and mass murderer was taken alive and into custody right after he was taken to Burger King’s

Mental imagery is powerful and it has been at the very core of racism since the beginning there can be no true racial equality until American acknowledge the wrongs of the past and the present we see the injustice in the courtroom the boardrooms the NFL owners box and the corporations 

The data tells the story men lie women lie but the numbers don’t

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