Time to set boundaries and find peace within

A kind-hearted individual usually get taken advantage of by people because they are known for their generosity compassion and empathy for others without any thought we are ready to swoop in and lend any assistance that we can all in the hope of bringing comfort to someone a shoulder to lean on in their time of need

That’s who we are just can’t help  ourselves it’s embedded in us and part of our DNA and some people are quite aware of that and use that to their advantage taking our kindness for helping others and trying to use it against us as a weakness

Hey we live in a cynical and narcissistic world and some people will try to get all that they can out of you using all your time draining all your energy and giving nothing in return not even appreciating what you have done for them taking you for granted

How many of us have felt this way before feeling used it can put a bitter taste in your mouth and leave you angry and upset but you should never change who you are because of what somebody else has done to you continue being you that’s what makes you special but be mindful we are living in different times so you may have to adjust your approach to reflect the times

As I stated before we all have been in a situation that we felt being used one-sided relationships not having mutual respect on both parties not feeling appreciated or taking for granted but if you dig deeper there’s one common denominator in every situation that you were in and it’s You

People can only do what you allow them to do now is the time to take ownership of your part of what you have allowed for far too long and change it starting with a new approach

Time to set boundaries and find peace within set limits with people of what is acceptable behavior to you and what is unacceptable behavior that you won’t put up with anymore and stick to them these rules should apply to everyone no matter of the relationship or the years that you may have known them these boundaries are put in place to maintain your happiness and mental stability

Nobody will take you seriously until you take yourself serious set boundaries for yourself stick to them and live by them protecting your peace of mind and happiness should be your number one priority

People will try to steal your joy time and peace of mind if you allow it you have to maintain your boundaries and stick to them make no mistake we are in a spiritual war and this is one fight we all should be preparing to win

It’s time to set boundaries to protect your peace of mind and find love and  happiness within

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