There was a time

There was a time when everything had to make sense for me all the dots had to connect to maintain some sort of balance and normality if it didn’t that would drive me crazy trying to fix or identify the problem at least that’s what I thought in my mind.

Sometimes we want to understand people and situations just trying to get things resolved and some clarity so we can move forward.

But the truth of the matter is sometimes there is no reasonable answer to the question that you are looking for and you have to be comfortable with it and accept it.

Ask yourself if it disturbs your peace is it really worth the time and effort or are you just better off focusing your time and energy on more productive things.

Once I decided to let go of trying to understand everything and choose peace of mind over trying to unravel every mystery that was in front of me life became a lot simpler and I was more at ease and happier.

If it disturbs your peace it has to be released no more stress.

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