You can’t spread positivity to everyone

How can I spread my positive words to everyone around me, you can’t.

It sounds good when you say it out loud but then reality sets in and logic take over no matter how positive you are there will be some who will reject it because it’s foreign to them and not natural. Where you might wake up every morning giving thanks for seeing another day listening to the birds sing and smiling as you drink your coffee other people’s mindsets may take them on another path and a different journey.

As human beings, we have to learn how to see things as they are and not how we think they should be because there will be times that we have to remind ourselves that although we may want the best for people they have to be willing participants in their own lives and happiness.

Some people operate in a category seven hurricane every day of their life and let’s be frank are quite comfortable in the chaos and turmoil that they are in it’s their default setting so we have to learn to let them live their life the way they see fit without any judgment see it for what it is and accept it and focus more on maintaining your mindset and positivity.

Maintaining a positive mindset is a job within itself and your hands will be full because there is negativity all around you trying to bring you down misery loves company and it wants you to join them so your faith will be tested.

Just remember we control what goes on in certain situations our feelings drive our beliefs which affect our behavior what we put out into the world and the universe will return to us so if we maintain a positive mind heart and spirit this is what will echo back to you.