Comfortable in your own skin

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Why are there so many people that don’t know who they are they are more worried about trying to be part of the crowd going around mirroring other people’s lives trying to fit in but never feeling quite comfortable there feeling lost and confused struggling to figure out who they are?.

Until you learn how to be happy in your own body you will always feel out of place trying to live the life that others have subscribed for you walking around lost and adrift Until you take yourself seriously and discover who you are you will always be adrift trying to find your way through life.

Understand your worth and know that you are somebody you don’t need to break your neck to be part of the crowd you just have to live your life and learn to be comfortable in your own skin.

Warning sign

Why do we ignore warning signs from people?

We see the signs from people we just dismiss it as immaturity a broken home misunderstood…. for us, this is the perfect time to put on our cape and save the day but the truth of the matter is everybody doesn’t want to be saved nor will they participate in their own rescue and for some of us we have not learned this lesson and that’s why we keep repeating the same class.

Hard-headed people are usually the ones that have to sit through the whole course before they realize they’re in the wrong class and let’s be honest most of the time the instructor is the one who has to lock you out of the class before you recognize that.

As I said before you saw the signs it was just easier to come up with excuses trying to justify the irrational behavior than to accept the reality but this type of thinking has kept us on the same hamster wheel for far too long.

Is it our foolish thoughts that have led us down this path and our belief that we can save everybody’s control by blind love that makes us ignore the obvious clue?

So driven by our deepest emotions and fears we put common sense out on the side of the road and let our desires take over the wheel and that is where we usually take the wrong turn by ignoring the warning signs.

For some of us, the hero is in our DNA, ready willing, and able to save the day but it’s our stubbornness and being hard-headed that does not allow us to see the irrational thoughts in others so hell-bent on thinking that we can show them the light and a better way only to find out that they are comfortable right where they are at.

You can’t continue to turn a blind eye for so long before reality comes to pay you a visit everyone doesn’t want to be rescued and as soon as you accept that the better off you will be.

You saw the signs you just tried to justify irrational behavior instead of telling yourself the truth and coming to grips with reality if someone continuously shows you the same behavior it’s not a mistake it’s who they are and part of their character.

Sometimes in life, the hardest lesson to learn is to see with your eyes and not with your heart in these moments we need to let common sense take over the wheel and drive us to safety.

People will show you who they are we tend to ignore the signs.


Judge people not by their words but by their character

Who are you? So many put on arises pretend to be something that their not all in the hope of being accepted but how far can you go before you find yourself losing your identity trying to live up to others perception or idea of who should you be.

But you can't fake the funk for so long sooner or later your mask will be removed and people will get a glimpse into your soul to see what you really made of and what you stand for.

Eventually, the true nature of a person will reveal itself but you can measure someone's by their words alone you have to pay close attention to their actions this will give you an indication of where their heart is then you can better understand the person's character.

Judge people not by their words but by their actions to understand their character.

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