Nobody plans on getting a divorce

Will my marriage lasted forever? Nobody plans on getting a divorce and when you took those vows and said I do you through it would lasted forever. Change is a constant part of life and sometimes people grow apart for various reasons and get divorce. It doesn’t mean that your life is over just that chapter of your life is. Nobody has ever died from a divorce it time to refocus your energy on you and make a commitment to yourself for a better life and a better you. Everyone has a part when it comes to relationships the success of it and the failure as well reflect on you’re apart learn from your mistakes and grow. Divorce is not a death sentence just the beginning of a new chapter in your life.


My gift to you

Good morning world. Holding onto a grudge doesn’t do you any good. Sometimes it better to show grace and mercy and move forward with your life misery loves company and that’s one party I plan on missing. Would you forgive people not for their sake but for your own and a piece of mind. My gift to you is forgiveness for all the unnecessary pain and anguish that you have caused my gift to myself is to get as far away from you as possible so I can maintain my happiness and my peace of mind.


Don’t become a prisoner of your emotions

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Good morning. Happy Tuesday people.

Don’t become a prisoner of your own emotions let go of situations that’s out of your hands and focus on the what you have the power to change. At the end of the day the only thing that you can control is yourself and how you respond to life. Pain is only temporary don’t condemn yourself and turn it into a lifetime sentence.