There have been times when we all have asked ourselves this question why when it comes to someone’s actions or behavior only to come up more confused than when we first started I used to struggle with this myself trying to make a situation make sense or come to some type of logical resolution.

Truth be told you may never be able to unravel that mystery when you’re dealing with certain people the clues are not going to add up the plot may thicken and some questions just won’t have a legitimate answer, for you, to maintain your sanity you have to be comfortable not knowing.

If we turn to individuals for answers who are not honest and truthful with themselves these events might cause you to be lost and clueless going further down a rabbit hole than you may want to travel still not finding no answers and no end in sight.

Some mysteries are not meant to be solved nor understood but to be experienced as part of our journey in this thing that we call life to help you learn and grow and become a better person.

It’s okay to not know all the answers to the question in life especially if it bothers your peace of mind today make it a point to find your serenity and leave all the mysteries behind you.