Are you fully committed to achieving your goals

If you’re working on yourself trying to make a better life and become a better person where do you have the time to judge or interfere in someone else’s business? You don’t if you’re fully committed to achieving your goals.

Your time effort and attention are devoted to becoming better not wasting your time on things that will take you away from your objectives or make you lose sight of your purpose focus your energy on making that happen and avoid negativity because one moment it is sunny and next minute there will be raining when you are trying to do good trouble will surely come.

Working on yourself is an ongoing commitment that requires your full attention although some people claim their work on themselves many find the task hard because they can’t get rid of the old ways of judging criticizing and staying in other people’s business.

Maybe it’s easier for some to judge and critique someone else’s life than to take the time and truly evaluate your own life and start working on it and that’s where problems occur because you cannot serve two masters at the same time.

Working on yourself requires your full attention and if this is the goal that you’re truly seeking then you don’t have time effort or energy to judge someone else’s life focus on yourself and let people find their path.