Where is my happiness

Where can I find happiness?

Many people claim that there looking for peace and happiness but seem to be quite comfortable amongst all the drama and negativity around them you can’t find your joy in the middle of chaos every day.

If peace and happiness are your goals then you have to separate yourself from all the discouraging thoughts energy and people that are around you and focus your energy on positive thoughts words and finding the joy that’s within you.

Life is about choices and when we make choices sometimes there are unseen consequences that you didn’t account for but ask yourself how far are you willing to go to obtain your peace of mind and happiness and how committed are you to your well-being sometimes that means leaving behind familiar territory and people to explore new ones.

Where is my happiness? Where it has always been inside of you most of us struggle with that concept because we are people pleasers and we are so used to putting everyone’s needs ahead of our own we don’t want people to be mad at us so much that is easy to let down ourselves. 

To obtain happiness and keep it you must set boundaries and stick to them (with everybody) you are the only one that can make you happy and once you figure that out then you must do what’s necessary to maintain that mindset and remove all negative things and people that do not help you to achieve those means.

Happiness is a choice that comes from within and that power lies in your hands whether you embrace it or not happiness starts and ends with you. (and that power lies in your hands)


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