You are the one in charge

Who’s in control, is it you or is it your inner gremlin running the show?

Everyone has a gremlin inside of them that finds fault, excuses, and creates negativity at times”, we have to learn how to ignore the negative thoughts and maintain our composure when it shows up.

A gremlin is one’s saboteur, ready to bring chaos into your life at the worse possible times. You must learn how to manage the gremlin inside of you, don’t let it control you and run wild.

We have choices in life, and if you decide to choose positive over negative in the quest for inner peace and is a step in the right direction of learning to tame your gremlin and manage your thoughts.

Emotions can be a monster if you let them take over, learning how to get out of your own way and cope with everyday situations from a more positive perspective can be vital for growth.

When negative thoughts arise tame your gremlin, be mindful of your inner voice calm your mind tell your thoughts to chill out. Give your gremlin a name, (mine’s is Harold) and when he shows up I tell him not today I got this go away with your negative energy.

We all have a choice whether today will be positive or negative you just have to decide, remember you are the one in charge. #TameYourGremlin

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